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Debt Write-off

Credit Card Debt Write-off

There’s a lot of understandable confusion over the topic of “writing off” debt.

Often, a credit card company will write off your debt once it considers it un-collectable—typically, this occurs once your payments have ceased for at least six months, although this determination varies depending upon the creditor. Regardless, once what you owe is off their books, it can initially feel liberating, right?

Unfortunately, those good vibes are misplaced. Just because a creditor writes off your debt doesn’t mean you’re not still liable. You can be harassed by a collection company or even sued. Further, your card company will likely contact a rating agency to report the write-off, damaging your credit score tremendously.

Source Save Money understands that the vagaries of write-offs can catch you off guard and leave you flat-footed. Your mistake doesn’t define who you are. Although you may be credit challenged, we’re here to help you secure an auto loan posthaste, placing you in a position to succeed financially in the future and live the life you deserve. 
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