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Do you have bad credit? No credit? Have undergone bankruptcy or credit counselling? Are self-employed, a student or new to the area? Regardless of your current situation or past financial struggles, we can help!

At Source Save Money, we specialize in working with Seattle drivers to rebuild their credit by securing an auto loan. Our team is comprised of understanding and non-judgmental Finance Specialists who work quickly with our clients to get them approved for the perfect vehicle that best suits their needs.

We can do the same for you.

All you need to do is fill out our secure online application, which takes just minutes to complete. After receiving your application, our team will contact you directly to review the information provided, talk about your vehicle needs and understand your budget. From there, we will work with you to make your car buying dreams a possibility while rebuilding your credit at the same time.

In fact, we’ve helped people turn their credit troubles around in as little as a year.

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auto loan help no credit seattle washington
With over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, our team at Source Save Money loves nothing more than connecting Seattle drivers with auto loans and great vehicles. But, we aren’t just your average Finance Specialists – we specialize in helping clients with bad credit make their vehicle ownership dreams a reality.

Whether you have undergone bankruptcy, are going through credit counselling, have no credit or are in another situation that makes qualifying for a car loan seem impossible, our team can help. Not only will we do our best to get your approved for financing, but we’ll also match you to a vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

In fact, we have a large selection of new and pre-owned vehicles to choose from – everything from sedans, SUVs, trucks, convertibles and vans. To see what we currently have in stock, check out our online inventory here.

To get started, all you have to do is complete our quick and easy online loan application, which takes just a few minutes to fill out. Once received, a Finance Specialists will be in touch with you within 24 hours to review your information and to discuss the type of vehicle you are looking for, what you can afford and the interest rate you qualify for. In some cases, we’ve gotten drivers back on the road within a day or two!

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fast easy auto loan bad no creditAlthough the thought of buying a new vehicle brings excitement, it also brings anxiety and fear of the unknown. So many unanswered questions before you even put foot on the dealership lot.

1.    Do I know what vehicle I really want?
2.    Is my credit strong enough to buy a car today?
3.    How much will it cost?
4.    What will the interest rate be?
5.    What will my payment amount be?
6.    How will I know if I am getting a good deal?
7.    Should I consider buying a demo or used vehicle?

The answer for many of the “unanswered questions” will come in the form of being prepared so you can enjoy the positives of the car buying experience.

Time spent in advance, on the internet doing research will go a long way to bringing clarity to your car buying experience. Almost all your technical questions on the different vehicles, features, benefits and known reported problems will be outlined there, across many websites for your review.

Work out your financial budget before you make the decision to move forward with the purchase. Determine your maximum monthly payment and allow yourself a buffer space to work within. A big part of the payment determination will be the interest rate on the loan. All the car manufacturers will offer low interest rates on “new cars”, but only if your credit profile qualifies for those rates.

Some good advice, contact all of the credit reporting agencies and request a copy of your credit report before you start the car buying process.

Source Save Money was specifically created to assist with this process. Our experience in the complex industry allows us to pre-negotiate volume fleet discounts within our network of Automotive Dealerships giving you peace of mind that you will be dealt with in a fair and professional manner.

Nobody said “Car Buying” was easy, but Source Save Money is here to help you.  Buying a new car should take you to your happy place so be prepared and enjoy the ride.
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fast easy auto loan no credit seattle washington

Are you in the market to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle?
At Source Save Money, we understand that making a major purchase can be stressful and time consuming. Feel confident that you can take advantage of over 90 years of experience in the industry to ensure you save time and avoid aimlessly searching classified websites and visiting dealerships. Get a great deal by taking advantage of our dealer network specialists.

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